While Cooper is the one doing most of the video production, we love collaborating on projects together as often as we can. Cooper brings 5+ years experience in producing, filming, and editing, and Mary Claire brings creative writing, storytelling, as well as song-writing and music composition.


I've been creating videos since high school and doing freelance video since 2015. My videos are informed by my classical education and my experience with storytelling, rhetorical training, marketing, branding, photography, documentary, and graphic design.

Generic videos are really annoying. There's so little creativity in just following a recipe, and I'm always looking for ways to give my clients videos that no one else could.

In my approach to documentary-style videos I imitate filmmaker Walter Murch (works with Coppola and George Lucas, edited Apocalypse Now). He likes to shoot a lot of footage and then sort through it carefully and storyboard to find unique, unscriptable moments that bring the film to life, but that couldn't have been planned.

Contact: cooper@mismatch.media


The youngest of a big family, I grew up in the woods of Montana, where my siblings and I spent our time making forts, telling stories, singing songs around campfires, and making overly dramatic short films (what else is there to do in the woods?). 

Some of my favorite artists are Phoebe Bridgers, Kings of Convenience, Big Thief, the Beatles (obviously), and Penny & Sparrow.

I first began writing songs in high school, developed and refined my style during college, and I am in the process of releasing my music as paperskin. I also score documentaries and short films.

Contact: maryclaire@mismatch.media


cooper@mismatch.media for videos

maryclaire@mismatch.media for music